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Launched in 2002, eBSI Export Academy, is a leading Online Trade Training Academy based in Ireland and with offices in Boston, USA and with thousands of graduates in over 70 countries around the world.

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eBSI is delighted to present in partnership with Coracle Online a 100% online course, certificated and mentor supported. This course contains 10 activities, covering a range of topics, including: BONUS FROM EBSI - We are including our Marine Transport Course to get you started while we on-board you onto the main certificate training! You will have instant access to that course when you complete your purchase. Ships and Trade. Global shipping and trading patterns. Types of vessels. Maritime geography. The Maritime Business and its players. Shipping companies: principals, intermediaries and practitioners: their role and responsibilities. National and International organisations. Classification and registration societies. Shipping contracts Bills of Lading, the three functions and different types of Bills of lading. Port Agency. Role and authority of an agent. Port services and the providers. Cargo working. Husbandry. Local requirements Bulk Carrier and Tanker Documents. Charter parties and other documents. Basic laytime concepts. Liner Agency Documentation. The agency agreement. Space allocation, sales and marketing, dealing with cargo bookings, special cargo. Documentation. Conferences and consortia Chartering. The chartering markets and different types of charter. How the deal is made. The charterer’s authority and responsibility. Post fixture responsibilities. Brokerage. Ports and Cargoes. The location, origins and facilities of ports. A selection of some ports with details of their import and export facilities Ship Management and Operations. Different types of management – integral or independent managers. Roles and responsibilities of a ship management department Assessments At the end of each activity there is a test to be completed online. You will receive instant feedback on your score with email confirmation. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate. Candidates must attempt ALL tests to complete the course. The pass mark is 60%. A pass with merit is awarded if you score over 90%.   Access requirements Access to the course is for a maximum of 9 months, there is no minimum time requirement and the average completion time is 2-3 months. There are no course pre-requisites. There are no technical requirements - any PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access can follow this course.  Endorsements  ”Background to Shipping is very interesting, very useful and written in very simple understandable language… the course is simply perfect” – Juris Dombrovskis, Ship Agent at Wm H Muller Baltic Ltd ”The Background to Shipping course has helped me organize the knowledge I had about shipping and provided additional useful information. Even though English is a second language to me, I found the course easy to read and understand.” – Sabina Cimpoieru Ryan, UAE Read More

The Certificate in Export Logistics is designed as a practical introduction to the export logistics processes and procedures within an internationally trading company and as a primer for staff wishing to enter into roles such as Export Clerk, Export Logistics Clerk, Logistics Clerk, Logistics Assistant and Logistics Coordinator within either logistics companies or the shipping departments of exporting companies.  Graduates of this program will be well versed in the relevant concepts and theory of the job and will be ready to undertake on the job training specific to their employing organisation because the core concepts relating to their job will already have been covered in this course.   It is therefore an excellent staff training tool for new hires within logistics companies and internationally trading companies. This highly focused 10 week online course covers the key areas of Export Logistics:     Introduction to Exporting     Introduction to International Trade     Export Packaging     International Transport and Logistics     Marine Transport     International Modes of Transport     Export Documentation     Customs Procedures     Incoterms 2010     Introduction to Supply Chain Management This course is also an excellent preparation for further studies with eBSI Export Academy and both the Institute of Export in the UK and the Institute of Supply Chain Management. Read More

The CFPITF Special Purpose Certificate is an e-learning program that is designed with an important dual purpose:    1. to train and certify international trade finance professionals in Compliance and Fraud Prevention    2. to build an online global network of international trade and finance professionals who will share knowledge and experience on an online platform specifically developed for the program This program is delivered in a combination of the following learning elements:Online Support site for students Students will be incorporated into the eBSI Alumni and will be able to collaborate through a purpose built learning platform. Online Collaboration Site for stakeholders To leverage the network aspect of the ‘CFITF’ Special Purpose Certificate, all stakeholders (participants, tutors and coordinators) will have access to an online networking and collaboration system designed to facilitate exchange of ideas and contact building.   Read More

Certificate in Social Media and Internet Marketing The e-Business and Internet Marketing Module has been developed to provide a solid practical understanding of the key areas of e-Business and Internet Marketing and to provide knowledge of the tools, resources and procedures which can be applied no matter the sector in which participants are working. To this end the course covers: Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing Search Engine Optimization Facebook Marketing Google Marketing LinkedIn Marketing Twitter Marketing eMail Marketing Media Buying Affiliate Marketing Social Bookmarking Mobile Marketing Video Production Video Marketing Course units are developed to be both visually appealing and interactive. Further reading resources are provided in each learning unit to further develop the course material and can be downloaded and printed for offline use. At the end of each learning unit you will be presented with a test on the content of the unit.  This will ensure content acquisition and understanding and contributes to the student’s transcript of studies as they progress. Other elements of the training program which have been developed to support the learner’s progress include: Discussion Forums support to provide participants with a channel to ask questions and seek clarifications Course Tutor email system for those requiring direct access to their tutor Ability to review course assessment results and to retry course assessments to improve scores.Every test you take, however is different as you will be presented with a random selection of questions based on the unit you have covered. Downloadable printable summary of the learning unit to read offline.   Read More

This online Diploma program covers both trade practice and trade finance in order to provide a comprehensive coverage of trade for trade finance professionals.  This program is ideal for anyone seeking to prepare themselves for either CITF or CDCS / CSDG exams from London Institute of Banking and Finance or any trade finance qualification.  It is an ideal on-boarding tool for professionals entering the Trade Finance department of banks or corporates! Course Unit breakdown: 1 ITS-02-TCP-001 - Introduction to International Trade 2 ITS-02-TCP-002 - Export Packaging 3 ITS-02-TCP-003 - International Transport & Logistics 4 ITS-02-TCP-004 - Marine Transport 5 ITS-02-TCP-005 - International Modes of Transport 6 ITS-02-TCP-006 - Export Documentation 7 ITS-02-TCP-007 - Customs Procedures 8 ITS-02-TCP-009 - International Contracts 9 ITS-02-TCP-010 - Incoterms 2010 10 ITS-03-FIT-001 - Methods of Payment in International Trade 11 ITS-03-FIT-002 - Documentary Collections 12 ITS-03-FIT-003 - Documentary Credits Fundamentals 13 ITS-03-FIT-004 - Management of Documentary Credits 14 ITS-03-FIT-005 - Bonds & Guarantees 15 ITS-03-FIT-006 - Short and Medium Term Finance 16 ITS-03-FIT-007 - Factoring Fundamentals 17 ITS-03-FIT-008 - Export Credit Agency Finance 18 ITS-03-FIT-009 - Structured Commodity Trade Finance 19 ITS-03-FIT-010 - Trade Finance Fraud Prevention - Documentary Operations 20 DEO-04-AFIT-001 - Fraud Prevention - Other Trade Finance Products 21 DEO-04-AFIT-002 - Trade FInance Compliance 1 22 DEO-04-AFIT-003 - Trade FInance Compliance 2 As you can see this new program builds on that to offer fantastic coverage of trade practice, international transport, fraud prevention and Trade Finance Compliance! Detailed Prospectus can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7pmww0gsa7v2p3i/eBSI%20TTFP%20Prospectus%202017.pdf Extra Perks & Benefits All courses are 100% online and are issued with a Diploma from eBSI upon successful completion.  We give 2 years access to our courses and lifetime access to our learning community where you can network and continue to discuss practical issues relating to your work with fellow graduates.  All students also get 1 year access to Webportglobal.com the professional networking site for international trade professionals established for the World Trade Centers Association. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed This diploma program is without a doubt the best online training we have ever released and we are very proud of it!  If for any reason you are unhappy with the course you can request a full refund within 60 days or transfer the course to another member of staff without any issue as long as less than half of the coursework had been completed at the time of transfer or refund. Read More

EDFP - Export Development Foundation Program The Export Development Foundation Program has been designed with the new or inexperienced exporter in mind.  The typical participant is looking for a shakedown of the key International Trade principles and processes sufficient to be able to manage ad-hoc or sporadic transactions. This course is for those who wish to dip their toes into exporting! The course coverage reflects this: Export Development Foundation Program Target Audience: New and inexperienced sporadic exporters NVQ Level: N/A FETAC Level: N/A Week Course Unit Hours Learning Approx. Week 1 ITS-01-EMO-001 - Introduction to Exporting 4 Week 2 ITS-01-EMO-002 - Introduction to International Marketing 5 Week 3 ITS-01-EMO-006 - International Pricing Policy   5 Week 4 ITS-02-TCP-001 - Introduction to International Trade 5 Week 5 ITS-02-TCP-002 - Export Packaging 5 Week 6 ITS-02-TCP-003 - International Transport & Logistics 5 Week 7 ITS-02-TCP-006 - Export Documentation 5 Week 8 ITS-02-TCP-007 - Customs Procedures 5 Week 9 ITS-03-FIT-001 - Methods of Payment in International Trade 5 Week 10 ITS-04-eBUS-001 Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing 7 TOTAL   51 Hours You will gain a practical overview of the export process and will be able to manage ad-hoc transactions with the support of a freight forwarder or international trade consultant. It is not designed to be a comprehensive program or rt be a framework to develop an export department or internationalization strategy.  For this we have our International Trade Specialist Accreditation program and our Advanced Certificate in International Trade.  However for those who have limited budgets, this program will give you the essentials to manage an export transaction from request for a quotation through to delivery with the support of appropriate service providers.       Read More

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