Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing

4 modules


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ITS - eBUS - 001 Introduction to e-Business and Internet Marketing

In this unit you will:

- Learn about the key principles of e-Business and Internet Marketing with Keyword Research.

This will be achieved by:
- An introduction and examination into the nature and importance of eBusiness in international trade
- Analysing the evolution from the traditional economy into the new digital economy.
- Analysis of the various business models in the e-business marketplace and the features of each.
- Detailing the various advantages and disadvantages of e-business to the potential customer.
- Presenting a basic understanding of the nature and benefits of Internet Marketing
- Understanding the process of Keyword Research and applying it to our business.

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To gain an understanding of the key concepts of e-Business and Internet Marketing.

Detailed Topic Listing as follows:

LU_ITS_EBUS_001 Introduction to eBusiness and Internet Marketing

1. Introduction

1.1 The Traditional Economy

1.2 From Traditional to Digital

1.3 EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

1.4 An Opportunity to be Seized


2.1 Types of Business Model

2.2 From e-Business to Business

2.3 Company transitions

2.4 Consumer Requirements

2.5 Customer Loyalty is Key

2.6 From e-Business to Business

2.7 Advantages of e-Business

2.8 Some Advantages to Customers of e-Business

2.9 e-Commerce Transactions


3.1 Why e-Commerce Needs Rigorous Risk Management


4.1 What is a Software Pirate?

4.2 DOS – Denial of Service attacks

4.3 Identifying Internet Fraud – Case Study


5.1 e-Business Department Structure

5.2 Management Structure

5.3 Customer Service

6. Introduction to Internet Marketing

6.1 Internet Marketing

6.2 Benefits of Internet Marketing

6.3 Potential of Internet Marketing

6.4 Introduction to Internet Marketing – Video Tutorial (2:47)

6.5 What is Internet Marketing ? – Video Tutorial (5:51)

6.6 Why Start Internet Marketing ? – Video Tutorial (10:01)

6.7 Five Elements of an IM Campaign – Practical Tutorials

6.8 Ten IM Tips for Businesses (7:00)

6.9 Ten Proven IM Strategies (7:51)

6.10 IM Case Studies (9:31)

Further Reading

1 – An introduction to Internet Marketing

2 – EU E-Business Guide for SMEs

3 – Electronic Commerce – The Strategic Perspective

4 – A Classification for Business Model Types in Ecommerce

Forum Assignment

End of Unit


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate eBSI Digital Skills Short Course Certificate

Learning Credits

Contact Hours
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Interesting Course
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this course was actually excellent and found it more challenging besides being far profitable
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This course is highly recommended for professionals involved in Trade Finance business.
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